NDE & Spiritual Experiences

When I was 13 years old, I prayed to God and offered to do whatever it takes to help angels in any way possible. A few months later the angel visitations started, where I'd be taken out of my dreams to go astral traveling with them, was shown 6 past lives, and was given 2 messages of the light. Being how humanity can see ourselves as one and move towards attaining world peace, and the second being a vision of the future, to see how destructive global warming and natural disasters will become.

I had a difficult childhood in many ways, so I was far too frightened to speak up about those spiritual experiences. At age 24, I had various premonitions for days to months prior, then I was unfortunately slipped a date-rape drug at a NYE party. It resulted in an overdose and having a massive heart attack. I survived that night, but the following night after multiple heath issues, my heart stopped, resulting in my NDE. 

I popped out of my body, and instinctively knew to fly straight upwards. I met the Angel of Death who truly is an immaculate light being, and more like the angel of solace to me, who guided me to a vivid lush meadow. I spent time enveloped in God's light, radiating unconditional love, and felt I had returned home once again, to the weightless, timeless and telepathic realm. Where I was finally free of any pain, sorrow, or any needs of the body, and no longer had everything filtered out through my extremely limited senses while in the body. I also was viewing and processing everything with a far more intelligent mind, completely free of any judgements or worries about anything. It was all unparalleled freedom. I was given a life review where I relived my entire life over again in a matter of moments, but this time from every single person's perspective involved in my life in tandem with my own perspective, and was truly enlightening. 

It was my ideal exit point to transition on, I was ecstatic about this, and willingly followed the angel towards heaven. However I then happened to view some future events, and was heartbroken over certain ones. Upon my request, I was then granted permission to return to earth in an attempt to help others.

I tried to tell people about my NDE, but they disbelieved me, thought I was crazy, that I simply had a dream, or were distancing themselves from me. I struggled with many side effects and health issues afterwards, and I was devastated by everything falling apart. So I shut down my spirituality for the next 16 years, simply to be accepted by society.

In February 2021, I said out into the universe that I was ready to open up to my spirituality again, I wanted my angels to come back to me, and I asked them for a life purpose. I was so thankful to discover they'd been there on the side-lines all along, just waiting for me to be completely open to them once again. I realized I was able to hear their voices directly for the first time in my life, and that I was also able to now astral travel at will. My life quickly changed, with having numerous spiritually transformative experiences (STE's). Including astral travels to the light realm, communication with angels, the deceased and Mother Earth, was taught to work with various light elements to aid in healing or to make connections with everything in the universe, experienced unity consciousness, visited the void, spoke to my deceased grandfather, and had a between-lives memory, amongst other experiences. I also released my trauma, by forgiving my abusers and sending them into the light on a blanket of love. This resulted in me no longer being attached to the effects of my trauma any longer, which cured my PTSD. 

I also learned to successfully heal some of my own health issues, such as an autoimmune disease and migraines, before I became an energy practitioner, and started doing energy healings on others. I was given many new lessons and messages from light angels, and occasionally Mother Earth or God. In a 2nd Near Death-like experience, I especially feel blessed to have flown around the universe with God as butterflies together, before having a different life review, and receiving lessons, which I'm all forever grateful for.

Messages From the Light

I've both learned, and directly experienced through lessons from the light, that we are all one within the universe.

Angels taught me to work with giant ethereal strands of light which transformed me into various aspects of nature, animals, then celestial bodies. I also had an experience of unity consciousness, when I expanded into the entire universe, and dissolved into it at the same time, until there was no indistinguishable part of me, to discover that everything in the universe is connected. I very quickly learned that everything has a resonance, tone, and consciousness. Everything is living, has purpose, and is uniquely beautiful. Everything in the universe is alive and has consciousness, because we are all made out of God's love. Love is an energy so powerful that it emits a bright white light. This is why love, light, and energy to me are one and the same, and why I call it love-light-energy.

I can only hope one day I can use my infinitely small and limited words to explain to others the many experiences and lessons I've learned from light beings. As it has profoundly changed me, and healed my soul in a way that I'd never be able to describe the depths of. I now want that for everyone. To be enlightened by the Light's many teachings, and receive the same wisdom, hope, and healing that I have.

God loves us all equally and infinitely. God loves us so much that he's given us free will to do anything we want, without God forcing us to do what God may want us to do. And no matter what we choose, God accepts us just as we are in return, and never judges us. That is what I experienced in my NDE, and in all interactions with light beings. No judgement, absolute acceptance, and complete love, without any conditions attached. True unconditional love. Being in God's immaculate love in my NDE, felt like nothing I've ever experienced here on earth. It filled the essence of my soul body and resonated throughout, filling me and making me feel whole, for the first time in my life.

That's how much God loves us, and how much we are all equally loved. When you transition back Home, you will feel it too. I've been shown all are welcome by God, no matter what. I want everyone to know this. So that no one is afraid of God, and no one is afraid of dying either. As there is no death, so there is nothing to fear in life. You simply shed your costume (your body), and your soul is finally free to be in its true form once again, without a body significantly limiting its senses and abilities any longer. You only return to the being of light and love that you truly are, and are reconnected to all other light beings once again, and return Home. There is nothing to fear when returning Home to our giant unconditional loving ethereal parent, God, in heaven.

Presentations / Interviews

If anyone is interested in viewing presentations I did for The International Association for Near-Death Studies, (IANDS). Please follow the links below:


Presentation of my spiritual reawakening. As well as my experience of unity consciousness, and being taught by angels to work with a light element to connect with everything in the universe. It shows how we truly are all one, and we're all made up of parts of God, and that God is everything in the universe. Also angels messages to humanity, and how to communicate with angels.


Presentation of how to use forgiveness, energy techniques, and the power of your mind to heal yourself, and keep yourself healthy. How I was able to release my trauma by forgiving my abusers and sending them off into the light on a blanket of love. What angels say trauma truly is, what the void is and how it works, and what karma actually is, and how to get out of potential cycles of it.    


Presentation about archangel Michael. Since 2021 Michael has increasingly given me messages and lessons of the light. About hope, how to manifest, the power of words and beliefs, how to heal the environment, information about angels and humans, etc. Michael also did work on the astral realm with me, taking me to war zones to connect to and imbue everyone with peaceful energies, to alter an event at a critical point. Michael then gave a message to humanity, regarding ending all wars.


Presentation about being shown by God how humans lived in peace as an ancient civilization, and what events occurred to divert us off our path, and changed the way we live and treat each other.  Then I was shown by arch angel Michael how we can return to where we started, to get us back to living in world peace once again, and was explained 12 paradigms to help us do so.


Interview about my NDE and spiritual experiences on Jeff M's podcast