Angel Info

Angels are immaculate light beings who work tirelessly to pass along unconditional love and light to all in the universe. On the astral realm they've shown themselves to me as tall light beings with a basic bodily form. They've revealed: 

  • They are completely genderless. 
  • They don't like people using names for them, and have explained, "It's not in angelic nature to separate ourselves from each other, or take credit separately for anything. "The Light" all work as one, and see ourselves as one." 
  • There are "legions more angels than there are humans," so each human gets their very own group of angels, called a "light collective." They help guide you to complete whatever lessons you chose to come down to earth to learn, in any given lifetime. 
  • Angels also are not allowed to intervene without our free will permission, unless it is perhaps a life or death situation. So you should ask angels for help when needed.

Angel Communication

If one wants to communicate with their angels, they first need to be completely open to it, and believe it's possible. Say out into the universe, that you know your angels are real, you accept their guidance, and you want them to communicate with you.

Then be open to any form it may come in, and trust it will happen. Your mind is very powerful. Our core beliefs create our reality. Meaning you need to believe communicating with angels is possible, and that you are deserving of it, so that your own mind isn't inadvertently blocking you from it. We all deserve to communicate with our angels who we're each given to help us; it is our right.

Certain emotions can disrupt being able to receive their communications clearly. So when attempting to speak to them, always be in either a calm clear state, or a happy high vibration state. Just try not to be in an anxiety, scared, angry, or other states. As those can often prevent us from hearing or understanding their communications.

The way I hear angels are a low whisper in the back bottom right part of my head. Their voices are always calm, positive, they speak slowly, and in short direct sentences. But it may be different for others. Below are different communication techniques:

1) Hearing Angels Voices Directly

Get into a very relaxed state. Practice deep breathing or any meditative techniques if need be. Be in an environment as quiet as possible. Close your eyes as well to start, to help concentrate on listening. Make your intention known you're directing your questions to your light angels/ guides. You can ask a question either out loud, or in your mind, then wait 10 seconds to see if you receive an answer. I often have to use very direct questions to receive answers, because to ask something too general, may not result in an answer. Or if I ask a yes or no question, but the answer is "partially", "sometimes", or "it depends", then they can't answer the question. So always ask specific questions, one at a time, and try to ask from a different angle if no answer is given.

2) Automatic Writing

Have paper and pen with you. When ready, write a question at the very top, making your intention clear that it's directed to your angels. Be curious what the answer may be. Have your pen ready on the paper. Within a minute you may feel the urge to just start writing, and an answer may come to you as your hand automatically writes the answer down. Allow yourself to just let go, and allow your hand to write out whatever is suddenly coming to you. Write down your next question, and proceed from there. If nothing is happening, ask a question from a different angle, or break down your question into smaller parts.

Instead, possibly an image, word, memory, or song may flash in your mind for a moment. Write down what you saw, as it may be the beginning of your answer. Then ask questions about what flashed into your mind, and see if you start seeing more answers that way.

3) Hypnogogic or Hypnopompic States

These are the states when people are half way falling asleep, or half way coming out of sleep. I've found these are extremely powerful states when visions, ethereal communications, or even OBE's can happen. You can do this either when you're drifting off to sleep at night or taking a nap, or when you're slowly waking up. There are a few options. When in that state, ask your angels a question, and see if they may answer. You may hear their voices, be shown block letter words, shown picture images, or even have a vision.

Others may be able to leave their body and have an OBE. While in that state, ask your questions then, and see if you can hear or be given an answer.

4) Dreams

This is a very common way for people to communicate with angels. Make clear you want your angels to show you answers to your questions in a dream. Before going to bed, ask 1 question, and be curious what the answer may be for a minute or 2. You may have a dream where an angel or a character tells you the answer. Or a regular dream story plays out, but it clearly gives you an answer to your question, in either a direct or metaphoric way.

Have a pad and pen ready beside your bed to write down your dreams first thing in the morning, or voice record them on your phone before paying attention to anything else, so you can remember them more easily.

5) Other Forms of Communication

After completely being open to it, if trying the above techniques in both calm and joyful states still don't work, that's ok. There are further possibilities.

Other forms of communication include asking your angels a question, then being on the lookout for a response. It may come in the form of a gut feeling or strong knowing. Or you may get a chill go though you, or hear a tone for a few seconds then it goes down, signifying you should pay attention to something.

It could also happen when getting out in nature and just completely allowing yourself to let go and take it all in. It may come to you in the form of a download of information.

An answer could also come from serendipitous moments or coincidences. Or from numbers that keep repeating, songs that suddenly pop into your mind or that you keep hearing everywhere, a commercial, or posting that answers your question, a book that you instinctively pick out somewhere, in art works, or seeing a picture of an angel, feathers, a bird, a rainbow, etc. Or anything else of significance to you that appears as a possible answer. It could also be through technology, where your computer freezes on a website that it wants you to find an answer, or an old text or email comes through to you once again. Or you suddenly run into, or get a call from an old friend who has the answer, etc.

You can also ask a question to your angels, then tell them in what form you'd like an answer. For example, tell them to show you what to pay attention to, by having a cardinal fly by, when you see number 52, when you hear a specific song play, or in any other form you choose.

Alternatively, choose 3 different sets of things. Then let angels know for example if you see an owl the answer is Yes, if you see an eagle it's No, and if you see a robin the answer is Sometimes/ Partially/ It Depends. 

All angels want to communicate with their assigned people, so if you give them a few ideas of how they can show you messages, and make clear what each will mean to you, you'll be helping them to help you.

If you have any questions, issues, or successes, please email me. I'd be more than happy to help all of you beautiful beings made out of pure love and light! Thank you.