About Me

My entire life I felt called to help others, especially vulnerable populations. Which is why I received my BA in Psychology years ago. I worked with adults with developmental disabilities for 4 years, but my true passion was working as a case manager for the homeless population for a decade. 

My angels then strayed me off my path, and since then I've understood my main life purpose is to reveal Light messages to others. I'm just starting out on this challenging road, and still have a long way to go before I'm able to reveal all their many inspirational messages and lessons to others. But I'm looking forward to the journey. 

I'm also writing a book as per the Light's request. As well, since my true passion in life has always been helping others in need, I also offer energy healing or spiritual guidance services to any who feels it may benefit them. 

I truly believe to bring healing to the world, we need to each constantly strive to work on ourselves, while helping others. I believe positivity, hope and kindness, is the way. As those are all attributes of love, which is the answer to everything, and love is the key to healing.