Mother Earth

In 1995 I was shown a future life to see how extreme global warming and natural disasters will become later this century. At the beginning of 2021 after a spiritual reawakening, I was connected to the giant ethereal light being that Mother Earth truly is. She is our eternal Mother, whose sole purpose is to continuously give everything of herself in abundance for all beings to live off of her. She unconditionally loves all humans, animals, and plant life equally.

She explained that long ago people were aware that her spirit exists, would speak to her and had a connection with her. She has asked to please remind everyone that she exists, and that she would love to reconnect with all people once again.

In 2019 she reached a tipping point in the immense damage that has been done to her over the last 2 centuries, therefore she's struggling at this time and requires our help. Anything that anyone can possibly do to help recycle, reuse, reduce your carbon footprint, help clean her oceans, and invest in renewable resources, will all help towards healing our eternal Mother, who immensely deserves it.

This decade especially there's still vast hope to change the ways the world operates, to rewrite a new future for us. One filled with purified air, oceans containing no garbage, and pristine drinking water, so that all generations of us continually reincarnating into new lives, will be filled with health and security for us all. Mother Earth said she has faith that we can help remove her pollution and help her heal, but that no matter what we decide to do, she still loves us unconditionally.

There is still hope! And when we all come together for such a noble goal, we can accomplish anything.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Ryunosuke Satoro

Archangel Michael's Speech

When I discovered one of Archangel Michael's main responsibilities is to take care of Mother Earth, I said out into the universe that I wanted him to help me. Days later on October 26th 2021, Michael came to me and narrated a speech to humanity regarding Mother Earth, and asked that I share it with others. See below:

"Climate change began because of man's need to control their environment, and went against ancient laws of balance with the Earth, of give and take. Tracking changes is irrelevant. As below she has done much to mitigate outcomes of imbalance, and angels have done work as well. The time has come to tell others that the imbalance is past the point of no return, with vast interventions required on both sides. We have been working on it for a while. Sacrifices need to be made from mankind in order to mitigate the extent of damage done; tenfold. Each year thousands of opportunities are lost and everything is now changing faster than expected.

Normalcy is no longer an option for those of you who continue down the chosen path of forgetfulness of Earth's needs. To be born today means certain death to many species. You will have nothing to show for your domination over Earth, if you are alone and they are dying the world over. To be temperate with your desires is needed to fight against this cataclysmic change. Compliance is needed.

Over the years those of you have forgotten a time when we all worked together as one for the greater good. Over time human beings changed to become more dominant over each other and forgot that we are all one, working as one, for one purpose only; and that is love. The manifestation of love in all its forms for the purpose of embodiment of love in all forms of consciousness, and embodiment of training ourselves to emit only the frequency of love above all others. To commit to such a state takes will and accomplishment of many factors before attaining higher consciousness, to allow our fears to dissipate to a level below any discernment of existence. To attain this fate means that all below forms are acknowledged to be of greater value for learning to become free of attachments to all but the ethereal.

When your hearts have been through misguided malaise, you train to be apart from one another to tether the pain you feel. But this increases the demise of the planet to be separate instead of as one. We need to guide those who are weary of change towards a better life for all, by maneuvering the will of others towards the greater good of mankind, by bolstering the lessons of the light to coincide with global warming catastrophes and erroneous truths. To be as one reflects the optimal frequency of change. To collaborate with ease towards a goal of truth, and begin to see there are other options to live by. In a world that does not begin to realize its potential as a species of evolvement. Propagating false beliefs with negligent behaviours and choices, will eventually lead to us giving up on the planet, in terms of what is a possibility for a future not shrouded in destruction and hate towards others. Be kind to all that come down your path. And survey what others have done wrong to lead to the demise of Earth, to know what altered steps to take as you proceed down the path together.

Misaligned guidance will only lead to a clash of words, and not lead to higher hopes for a different path of attainment of unity. Belonging to one path of words for attaining higher ability, will lead to evolvement of methods in seeing faster recovery. To remember the activity of the planet before words came about, is essential to learning the fundamental laws of creation. Words helped to create the environment you live in, by means of enhancing frequencies of change. To be alert to this consequence is equal to establishing the laws of physics of the universe. To be off track along the road ahead in thoughts and words is going to forego the journey. All eyes and words must be on establishing a connection to all who are going to pursue a solid path forward to undoing the damage done. May you find a path forward together in unity with the divine for a better world for humanity. We ask that you all pay attention to all your words and manner of intentions, to become wise in your decisions about the future. May you be as one in harmony with the needs of Earth for as long as humanity exists. The needs of one do not outcry the needs of the many. It is essential to be as one and move as one on the right path, out of the road ahead. May we bring you peace of mind to help set the path for you all to follow as one, as it can be done.

Forgiving past spites is essential to moving forward towards your common goal, to work together as one. Engaging in hostile encounters will only circumvent the work that is needed to complete the mission of diminishing the damage done to Earth. Please forgive all others for what they have done so countries can move forward as one together. The global heat will destroy your livelihoods eventually, and it's not worth the price in the future, for what desires are instantly filled today. The imbalances are caught along a continuum of outcomes for the future. Any thread pulled too far will unravel them all. At this delicate point in existence, future lives of many depend on the outcomes of present decisions made in haste. Careful scrutiny of facts and consequences for the planet, are all that is needed to choose the best path forward as one in unity. Our blessings are here for all that choose to acknowledge and accept them, and choose to use them to move forward with love and healing. Our guidance is meant for all who will listen, to the truth of the existence of hope. That all is not lost, if others bear witness to the coming of future changes in enlightenment of knowledge. Bringing all together as one is essential in conquering goals of rectifying all past blots of damage to Earth. They can be cleaned up, and all blots can be extinguished if acted upon in time.

Be clear in your intentions and desires for a future filled with hope and abundance of nature for lifetimes to come. Without hope all will be lost to quarrelling over potential steps and outcomes to be. Aspire to be brass and brave in what is needed to come, and bring about the aspired hope for a calmer future. Honest aspirations and plans, combined with hope will be the key to acclimating others to aspire to them. As any country fallen off the path will lead to further consequences of outcomes. The time has come to put forth what is needed for all of nature to survive the outcomes from past decisions. What is needed is complete faith in the process that we can change what is yet to come, through unified collaboration and trust between nations. The will to survive should outshine the needs of the moment, to propel you towards change.

Inequality is precedent in insurmountable masses in societies, overshadowing the need to change for the betterment of others. Rectifying imbalances in society will help mitigate consequences of outcomes on the less fortunate. To survive the coming changes means an overhaul of beliefs of what it means to be human, and see the dignity of all who reside on the Earth as equal and one. Survival of the fittest is not an act of love on humanity. A shift in balance of status is needed to facilitate healing yourselves as humanity, in order to bridge the gap in believing you all deserve a better future for yourselves and others. Attaining peace mitigates inequality between nations leading to willingness to work together as one to rectify the damage done to Earth. It is paramount to establish trust in nations to each do their part in the process, to overcome what is coming in the days to follow. All humans taking part in this process will overhaul the damage that has been done to Earth so far. Belong to the movement of hope for the planet and oversee the process of change to come."

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