Wellness Services

I'm very excited to offer either distance energy healing, or chakra balancing and clearing services. I've dabbled in multiple energy modalities for 2 decades. Then after astral traveling with angels and working with various energies and light elements, it greatly enhanced my ability to use energy more effectively. I've had great success in healing some of my own health issues, such as an autoimmune disease, and migraines. Since then I've gladly offered my energy services to help others. 

 I also offer spiritual coaching since I've felt called to work one on one with others to spread angelic teachings, positivity, and hope. Because of first hand experience, I offer guidance in having a spiritual awakening, having an NDE or after effects, how to communicate with your angels, how to connect with Mother Earth, how to forgive and let go of trauma, reduce fear of death, processing a distressing NDE or STE, how to manifest, and how to      incorporate main angelic teachings into your life.       


Distance Energy Healing: $90  

Distance Chakra Balancing & Energy Clearing: $90

Distance Spiritual Coaching: $50

Please email me at nadine@lovelightenergyhealing.ca to set up an appointment. A free 20 minute consultation is available if requested. 

Coaching and Energy Healing sessions are both 1 hour over Zoom, or by phone if preferred. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if cancelling/rescheduling a session. 

Thank you!

Disclaimer: All services are for your overall well-being. I am not a licenced counsellor, medical, or health care provider. I will not diagnose conditions, or perform any medical or psychological treatments or assessments. My services are not to be used to replace any medical, psychological, or other professional advice. Thank you.

Nadine Telishewsky

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