Love Light Energy Healing

Where all beautiful light souls are welcome!

                 Hello unique and beautiful light soul, welcome to my website! My name is                  Nadine, but my deeper spiritual name is Red.

    Angel visitations, near death experiences, astral travels, and receiving messages from the                   Light, have lead me on a path less travelled. I've been on a challenging but wondrous                  spiritual journey, with highs and lows over the years. But I've since understood that the                        lows were there to help prepare me for the highs. So I've learned to accept the                    entire journey.

I feel blessed to have received many messages from light beings. Their inspirational messages and unconditional love have completely transformed my life and healed many aspects of it, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now I wish nothing more than to pass along their wisdom, kindness, hope and love to others. I've thoroughly accepted this as my life purpose. Unconditional love truly has the power to heal us all. It did for me, so I know it has the power to transform you as well.

            To hear more about my NDE, spiritual experiences, Angels, Mother Earth, or my             Energy Healing and Spiritual Coaching services, please click on the appropriate tab at the very top. Thank you!